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The year was 1921, and the United States Mint was hard at work producing a new batch of Morgan Dollars. With the discovery of the Comstock Lode, the United States had ample silver to mint dollar coins for the first time in 17 years. They got after it with specially made low-relief dies. Among these coins, the 1921-D Morgan Dollar would go on to become a sought-after collector’s item, beloved for its distinctive design and limited mintage.

At the end of this article, you’ll find a list of coins available on eBay that we found for you. These coins are available at or below PCGS Price Guide. While we do not buy nor sell coins, and we do not have any relationship with the sellers listed, if we were in the market for a ’21-D these are some of the coins we would look at seriously.

The 1921-D Morgan Dollar

But what is it that makes the 1921-D Morgan Dollar so special? To answer that question, we have to take a closer look at the history and design of this iconic coin.

The Morgan Dollar, named after its designer George T. Morgan, was first introduced in 1878. It quickly became a staple of American commerce, used in everyday transactions and hoarded by collectors alike. But by 1904, production of the Morgan Dollar had ceased, replaced by the Peace Dollar until 1921.

It was in that year that the Mint decided to revive the Morgan Dollar, in response to a renewed demand for silver dollars. The 1921-D Morgan Dollar was struck at the Denver Mint, one of three facilities used for coin production at the time. The “D” mintmark on the coin’s reverse indicates its origin, and collectors have come to cherish this mark as a sign of authenticity and rarity.

The 1921-D Morgan Dollar is known for its beautiful design, which features Lady Liberty on the obverse and an eagle with outstretched wings on the reverse. This design was meant to symbolize American ideals of freedom and strength, and it remains a powerful image to this day. But what really sets the 1921-D Morgan Dollar apart is its high relief design. Unlike other Morgan Dollars, which have a shallower relief, the 1921-D Morgan Dollar boasts a deep, three-dimensional design that makes it stand out from the rest.

But as stunning as the 1921-D Morgan Dollar may be, its lack of quantities in high grades is what truly makes it a rare and valuable find. In total, only 20,345,000 Morgan Dollars were struck in 1921, with the Denver Mint contributing just a small fraction of that number. This scarcity of coins surviving in a grade over Mint State 66 has made the 1921-D Morgan Dollar a highly coveted collector’s item, with prices that can reach into the thousands of dollars.

Particularly for Prooflike and Deep Mirror Prooflike examples. ’21-D DMPLs are extremely rare.

Despite its rarity, the 1921-D Morgan Dollar is not without its flaws. Some collectors have noted that the low relief design of the coin makes it more prone to wear and damage, especially on the eagle’s wings. Others have criticized the Mint’s quality control at the time, which led to issues such as weak strikes and poor luster on some of the coins.

Despite these imperfections, the 1921-D Morgan Dollar remains a beloved and highly collectible coin, cherished for its history, design, and scarcity. For collectors and numismatists alike, it represents a tangible connection to America’s past, and a reminder of the enduring power and beauty of the coinage that helped build this great nation.

In conclusion, the 1921-D Morgan Dollar is a true American treasure, a coin that symbolizes the ideals of freedom and strength that define our nation. Its high relief design and limited mintage make it a rare and valuable find, cherished by collectors and numismatists around the world. And while it may have its flaws, its beauty and historical significance make it an interesting piece to own.


At the Academy of Coins, we do not buy, nor sell coins. However, we went to the effort to find you a few PCGS certified examples on eBay. All the coins we list here for you are listed at or below their respective PCGS Price Guide value for the grade. The DL Hansen example, in particular, trips our trigger:

PCGS MS66+ Ex; D.L. Hansen $3k+ – Although this isn’t a ’21-D, it came up in our results and we find it pretty neat! Del Loy is an important current collector, so the chance to have a coin with his pedigree is pretty compelling. Once we win the lottery!

1921-D Morgan Dollar

PCGS MS66+ $3K – PCGS Price Guide for MS66+ $3,250

PCGS MS66 $1,100 – PCGS Price Guide for MS66 $1,150

PCGS MS66 $1,000

PCGS MS65 $575 – PCGS Price Guide for MS65 $575

PCGS MS65 $575

PCGS MS63 $200 – PCGS Price Guide for MS63 $200

PCGS MS63 $200

PCGS MS63 $195

PCGS MS63 $190

PCGS MS63 $185

PCGS MS63 $180

PCGS MS63 $175

PCGS MS62 $100 – PCGS Price Guide for MS62 $105

PCGS MS62 $100

When searching coins on eBay, you’ll find coins priced all over the place. In general terms, unless a coin is a particularly rare and collectible variety, or if a coin has exceptional eye appeal (extremely attractive toning), it’s best to pay as close to or below price guide if you have any kind of investing in mind. That said, the number one rule of collecting is, if you love it no matter what, buy it.

One more time: We don’t buy or sell coins. We have no affiliation with the sellers above, so we can’t tell you if they’re any good or not. The fact that they’re actually pricing the coins about right tells us they’re on the right track.

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