AoC Market Analysis: Lincoln Wheat Cents Winning & Losing AoC Market Report: Lincoln Cents Winning and Losing - Let’s look at Lincolns, shall we? How about Wheats? You like that? I do. Okay. Game on. So this is some interesting stuff. I chose 4 Lincolns to deep dive: 1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent, 1909 plain, 1956 Wheat Cent and 1957. I then looked at public auction results for coins certified Mint State 66
AoC Market Analysis Continental Currency Dollars AoC Market Analysis: Continental Currency Dollars Still Going Strong - Earlier this year, Early American coin collectors were surprised to hear a new theory about Continental Currency: that they were not American-made speculative patterns, but rather satirical pieces made in England. It’s still a widely debated topic. What hasn’t changed at all is their attraction to collectors of early American coins. In October, a couple
AoC Market Analysis - 1881-S Morgans - Common Silver Dollars AoC Market Analysis: Cooling Common Morgan Silver Dollars - Well, the original title of this article was, “Hot Common Morgan Dollars”. But after analyzing the data, that didn’t work out so well. You see, there aren’t any at the moment – at least, not according to the data I studied. I analyzed 1881-S Morgan Dollars in Mint State 63, 65, and 67 going back
AoC Market Analysis - Proof Three Cent Nickels AoC Market Analysis: Proof 3-Cent Nickels with the Most Bang for Your Buck - This week, we look at 3-Cent Nickels. 3-Cent Nickels make lovely type coins. Proof strikes often lack the character of their imperfect business strike sisters, what with their Longacre doubling, die cracks, plentiful die clash, and interesting strike issues. Proof Three-Cent Nickels sometimes show more perfectly how the coins were intended. The numismatic market is
aoc market analysis Seated Dime Type Coins How much are my coins worth? AoC Market Analysis: Seated Liberty Dime Type Coin Guide - Which Seated Dimes Make the Best Type Coins? Good question! So, you’re looking to get a Seated Dime, eh? Great idea! This is a really fun series to collect, and mostly inexpensive in low grades. You can fill a book with them for the price of a decent proof Morgan if you buy your Seated
AoC Market Analysis: The Impact of Bullion Market Sentiment on Generic Gold AoC Market Analysis: The Influence of Bullion Market Sentiment on Generic Gold - This was a fascinating study for me! After reading my colleague’s most interesting report on the Armstrong Family Collection coins, I was inspired to sit down and tabulate some data. I haven’t done this in a while and I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time… This report will be short, but the
AoC Market Analysis: Price of Pedigree -Neil Armstrong Family Collection AoC Market Analysis: The Price of Pedigree – Neil Armstrong Family Collection - Recently, the World, and in particular Americans, had a real treat: the first sale of Neil Armstrong’s collected personal effects and mementos. (Update: there has been a second sale, and we wrote an article about these Armstrong Coins, too.) Included in this massive look into one of the most famous American Heroes, were some coins.
AoC Market Analysis: 1979-S Lincolns Pennies AoC Market Analysis: Modern Coin Prices Through the Lens of 1979-S Proof Lincolns - Top modern coin prices seem to be falling. Every time I look at a price guide, I see more red than green in desirable grade modern coins. This isn’t universal. There are certainly modern coins that are appreciating. But as we consider modern Lincoln Proofs, we don’t see a lot of appreciation. Some of the
AoC Market Analysis: 1896 Morgan Dollar, Toned AoC Market Analysis: Toned 1896 Morgan Dollar in ‘5 - This week, we’ve picked an interesting one. This 1896 (common date) Morgan Silver Dollar is graded PCGS MS65, Green CAC. The recent PCGS holder has it pedigreed to the Aurora Borealis collection. PCGS Price Guide for an 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar in Mint State 65 is $150. Hundreds of 1896 Morgans have sold this year
AoC Market Analysis - Silver Roosevelt Dimes AoC Market Analysis: Silver Roosevelt Dime Sets - Thinking about creating or upgrading your silver Roosevelt Dime set? It’s a great time to do it.   Here’s why: Silver is down. At the moment, silver is under $15 (!). That’s low. It’s possible it could get cheaper, but if you’re just beginning to assemble your set, you’ll be in the teeth of it
AoC Market Analysis - 1932-D Washignton Quarters in Mint State 64 AoC Market Analysis: 1932-D Washington Quarters in Mint State 64 - This article seemed like a fun, straightforward task – let’s have a look at Mint State 64 Key Date Washington Quarters. This is a heavily collected grade, and it seems like it’s a great coin that people will enjoy reading about. As it turns out, they’re not so straightforward. They’re all over the place. It
AOC Market Analysis of the 1958 Franklin - $100,000+ Market Analysis: The $100,000 Franklin - It was as if millions of coin collectors gasped in shock and were suddenly silenced. I fear something inexplicably inexplicable has happened. $130,000 for a Common Date Franklin Half Dollar. Why? Well, lots of reasons. Mostly, at least two people decided they had to have the coin for their collections.   #1) Color The color
AoC Market Analysis: Capped Bust Half Dollars in the Age of Registries Market Analysis: The Impact of Advancing Set Registries on Capped Bust Half Dollars - Capped Bust Half Dollars. I let out a loving sigh. Ahem. Registry Sets have had a huge impact on coin collecting. In addition to gamifying the hobby, they’ve pushed collectors to be competitive. The result is an exacerbation of the old adage, “the common coins stay common, the rare coins keep getting rarer.” Case in
AoC Market Analysis: 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Coins Market Analysis: 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle - With all the hoopla surrounding the palladium eagles this week – and don’t take this author wrong, the hoopla may well be appropriate as they’re beautiful!.. perhaps it’s a good time to look back the Ultra High Relief Double Eagles. Great coins. They’re just beautiful. Some prefer the originals, but some like the modern interpretation.
AoC Market Analysis - 1853 Arrows & Rays Quarters Market Analysis: 1853 Arrows & Rays Quarters - The old adage goes, “buy the best you can afford.” Yeah, well, not always. 1853 Arrows & Rays, a true favorite of many collectors, have proven a fascinating market study. There’s no question the reverse twinkling flashes coming off lustrous rays surrounding the eagle are absolutely captivating and unique in U.S. coinage, even going back
AoC Market Analysis: 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent, Mint State 65 Red Market Analysis: 1909-S VDB Lincolns in 65 Red - After compiling the data, it seems to all of us here it’s time to buy 1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cents in Mint State 65 Red. Here’s the data. Currently, they’re selling for around $3100. We took a look at 5 coins that sold this year. The most expensive of the group sold for $3240 and
AoC Market Analysis: 1792 Gold Washington, 1854-S $5 Market Analysis: A Tale of Two Two Million Million Gold Coins - It’s somewhat incredible that a 1913 V Nickel, an 1854-S $5 and the 1792 Gold Washington could sell in the same week. “A Nickel, a $5 and a 1792 Eagle walk into a bar…” Last week, we compared the Proof 66 Eliasberg (single-finest-known) 1913 Liberty Nickel to a couple of other major collectibles that sold
Academy of Coins Market Analysis - 2018 sale of the Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Nickel Market Analysis: 1913 Liberty Nickel - The Eliasberg 1913 Liberty Nickel sold last week for $4.56M. What does that mean to the numismatic marketplace? Well, it’s certainly exciting that a mint produced ultra-rarity should come up for auction, and of course, it’s the single finest known. Anything that was part of Big Lou’s collection is a big deal, but the 1913
Numismatic Market Analysis 1963 Brilliant Proof 67 (NGC + PCGS) Franklin Half Dollars on ebay A Brief Look at Recent Brilliant Proof Franklin Half Dollar eBay Sales - The Proof Franklin Half Dollar is a beautiful collectible coin. Ben Franklin is a fascinating character from early American history, and his enshrinement on the obverse of the 90% silver U.S. Half Dollar from 1948 to 1963 makes it incredibly popular to collectors. Let’s have a look at Brilliant Proof Franklin Half Dollars. Don’t confuse
1895 Proof Morgan Silver Dollar Proofs Prove Positive in 2018 - Proofs remain popular with the serious collectors steaming into the third quarter of 2018. Stack’s Bowers sold a top-graded Flowing Hair Stella back in March for a healthy $74k increase (to $384k) over the last time it sold. Things don’t seem to be slowing down as Heritage hammered a couple of proof Morgans with strong
A Continentnal "Dollar" dated 1776 may have been a commemorative token created in Europe. The Fall of the Continental “Dollar”? - Probably the biggest piece of coin news at the moment is new speculation that the pewter Continental Currency “Dollars” are not what we’ve thought they were. David McCarthy of Kagin’s is stirring the pot again, calling into question the origin of these wonderful pieces. (No matter what side of the argument you land on, these

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